Thursday, November 19, 2015

My 2 Week Node Test Classroom Expierence

Last year I had a chance to Pilot 20 Steelcase Node Chairs.  These chairs looked awesome and I was excited to have my students use them.  Once I have the chance to sit in them, I knew that they had to the chance to change the structure of my class but, they could also present some new issues.

"They will NOT sit still"
"There is no way they will work in Middle School"
"Hmmm....(Long Pause)..... Good luck!"

Here are my discoveries from using these Node Chairs:

YES they are fast!  YES they have the ability to spin.  YES they work with left handed students.
YES they are silent when they move!   YES I miss them!  

The students knew that these chairs were coming - but I did not tell them when.  The day arrived and the buzz in my hallways was unreal!  They were fascinated, surprised, nervous and some even apprehensive at first.

My expectations were simple - these chairs ARE going to change the way my class functions, the activities we can do quickly and efficiently but, they do not change how you act , work, and behave in my class.

Did students move around while they were working?  They sure did, but I thought to myself, was it any more then when they sat in their normal desks?  I needed to find out.  That is when the brilliant idea came to me - hidden camera!

The results were awesome.  I recorded a 55 minute typical Language Arts Class and sat back and watched in amazement.  The non stop movement of hands and feet, the slight swivel of the chairs as the students tracked my movements, the random glides across the room I did not notice while teaching my lesson, and then I saw myself - Doing the same things as my students.  It was proof to me that these types of classrooms are the future and what we need to think about when redesigning our classroom experience.

When people ask how they "worked" I simply directed them to the video below.   Enjoy!