Thursday, April 7, 2016

Google Classroom + Doctopus + Goobric = Awesome

Google Classroom has changed the way that I run my classroom - with announcements, assignments, questions etc. I have complete control over my classroom experience.  However I am a true believer that there is always something better.... someone who is very smart is always working hard to make my life easier - and they have done it again.
Goobric allows me to attach Rubrics (Sheets Files I have already created) to Google Documents - send them to students, and easily work through grading assignments quickly and efficiently.  However - the assignments need to be in a Google Sheets file - not impossible but annoying....

Doctopus goes into my Folders that have been generated by Classroom Assignments and Enters them into a Spreadsheet.  My problem with Goobric has been solved.

Now that these two work together - I can download a perfectly organized assignment from Classroom and enter them into a Spreadsheet with a Goobric that I have created.  This leads to instant organized feedback for my students.  

Below are some screen shots of how I use this little Trifecta of Ed Tech Awesomeness....I also have a YouTube video Screencast below.

Step 1:  Create Assignment in Classroom for the students to complete.

Step 2:  After students have completed assignment - Create a Sheets File and Use Doctopus to "ingest" the Assignment

Step 3:  After Assignment has been "ingested" Open the Doctopus Add-On and use the button to Attach a Goobric to the files (you need to have a Rubric made in Sheets already sitting in your drive to attach to the documents)

Step 4: After Goobric has attached the Rubric to the document you will select Assess Document Link in the Sheets file that you originally created.  Using Goobric you can email grades to the students, attach the Goobric to the file you are grading (ONLY if the file is a Google Doc), and cycle through all of you assignments that you have ingested with Doctopus.   The students instantly get an email with the rubric AND if the file is a Google Doc, it will be inserted to the bottom of their document for easy viewing.

Check out my Screencast below!