Friday, June 3, 2016

LMS Arts Festival 2016

I love seeing what students do when you let them work.  Giving students a platform to showcase their talent has proven time and time again to be an awesome experience at our Middle School and this year it came true again.

I had the opportunity to run a few parts of our schools Arts Festival this year - a Media portion, my Robotics challenge Group, and finally our School wide lip dub.  But these were not the only parts of the day available to students - here is an amazing list of what opportunities students and community members had to be a part of:

-Performing Arts - Odd Act Theater Co (an improv lesson)
-Orchestra - Guest Conductor - Dr. Sandra Dackow 
-Concert Band - Guest Conductor - Gary Suabedissen 
-Visual Arts - Leon Rainbow - Graffiti Artist
-Ballroom Dancing - presented by Vive Ballroom
-Literary Nation - Spoken Word Group
-Video Media - Highlight Film Creation
-Video Media - 8th Grade Silent Film Festival
-Power of Dialogue Presentation
-Visual Arts Exhibit throughout the building
-USA Science and Engineering Festival - groups were able to present their Science Festival Tri-Folds
-LMS Talent Cabaret 
-National History Day - groups were able to show their submissions into the annual NHD project

Students had the chance to learn Ballroom dancing moves in Gym Class and improv skills for their acting,   Our music students had the rare chance to have someone else work with them and offer their critique of their work - a rare occurrence especially in Middle School.  Student had the chance to learn about Graffiti Art and create a new mural for our school.  The list goes on and on!

This year we had the theme of inspire and the buzz in the hallways was infectious and could be felt throughout the day and into the afternoon.  To pack this much into one day is tough Here are some of the highlights from the day!