Thursday, September 22, 2016

Digital Breakout EDU

After attending different EdCamps, EdTechTeam events, and other GAFE meet ups I found on #theEDUCal I finally had the chance to sit down and attend a Digital Breakout EDU session given by Tom Mullaney.  Tom's session was given during the NJ GAFE Summit sponsored by EdTechTeam.  Needless to say - it again changed the way that I look at getting my students engaged.

The idea behind the Breakout EDU is pretty simple - your must open the box in the classroom in a certain amount of time by deciphering a given set of clues and unlocking actual locks on a box.  If you have never participated in one then you are missing out!  Collaboration, critical thinking and teamwork at its finest.

What I attended was the Digital Version of this - All online on a website; where as opposed to entering a code onto an actual lock box or finding a real key to open another box you search through different hidden clues - websites, google docs, videos etc. to find digital locks to break the code.

By using Data Validation in Google Forms the participants will know immediately if they have entered the correct code.  They will not be able to submit the form until all of the correct Locks have been entered.

Simply put - there is no limit to the creation of these clues, and no limit to the extent that you can go to try and hide things in plain sight.

In order for my students to learn some more things about me, I created a Digital Breakout based upon me.  I introduced the website to them and gave them the two simple rules - "you get 2 hints and 2 hints only and you have 30 minutes to Breakout. GO!"

Confusion, frustration and struggling commenced for the first 5 minutes as my intentional lack of direction annoyed my students.  But then I heard it, "Ohhhhhhhhh,"  "I GOT ONE!",  "That was sneaky Mr. S!"  I had 26+ students in each class FOCUSED, and DETERMINED to break my code.  It was awesome.

306 7th graders later.... NO ONE spoiled anything to the other classes - everyone was able to struggle evenly, and eventually they all broke out.  I highly suggest giving this a try!  Check out my first Digital Breakout below and see if you can help me remember by past!  I cannot wait to make a new one that is more difficult and tricky....  Remember anything can be a clue.....

Meet Mr. S Digital Breakout

There are more hints and "obvious" clues on this one....but do not worry... I have some tricks up my sleeves...