Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Individual Assignments in Classroom

One of the most requested features in Classroom has been having the ability to post individual assignments for students as opposed to having to bulk assign everything to everyone.  Well Google listened again and now you have it.

When you are creating assignment you now have the option in select individual students to post the assignment to.

You can choose students in the boxed in section
You still have the same three options when adding a file to the document as well - Students can view file, Students can edit file and make a copy for each student.  One of the only limitations that I can see so far happens to be that you can only select students in that class and NOT other classes.  You would have to make the assignment again in another section to assign to students in different blocks.  Not a terrible thing to have to deal with.

When you post in classroom only the students you select will see the assignment and get the automatically generated email.

The students select will appear here.

This is great for differentiating instruction right in classroom, maybe providing an enrichment activity for some students, assigning additional help to students, creating group work assignments etc.  

***Keep in mind*** If you have three levels of an assignment Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced and you post the different assignment versions to the groups - the students will only see the post that is for their level but YOU will see three Posts in the Classroom stream and three different folders in Google Drive.