Monday, October 23, 2017

Robotic Rockettes Visit LMS


This week my 7th Grade students had the chance to listen to some inspirational young ladies from the robotic team - Robotic Rockettes.  One of my former students is now a member of this team that completes in FIRST TC (First is a program that helps kids engage in STEM, and stands for "For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology".   (More commonly known as the abbreviation FTC)

One of the requirements of their competitions in additional to creating, designing, programming, funding, building and competing with their robot is completing outreach to others.  I was thrilled to have this team into my classroom for them to explain the Engineering Process that they Rockettes go through each year that they receive a new challenge.

The Rockettes started off their talk with a challenge - using only 4 3x5 notecards and 6 inches of tape the students in my class had to create a stand for their robot.  The challenge was fun and engaging and without my students realizing it - the girls sent them through a whirlwind tour of the Design Process.

I will be following the Robotic Rockettes (@roboticrockette) team through their competitions and design process.  I cannot think of a better way to encourage my students (especially the girls) to get involved in the STEM world both in and out of school.  This team is only 2 years old but has been very successful in their competitions so far.  The team age range is from 7th Grade through to 10th grade.  I look forward to big things from them!

Here are some pictures from the day!