Monday, March 11, 2019

Google Classroom - Grade Page

Another update has been pushed out to Google Classroom feature a new Grade page.  This is a fully functional gradebook - however - I will not be adding my grades into Classroom quite yet.

Despite the fact that I am not going to be adding grades into Classroom yet (I still only input Grades into Genesis) I still found some pretty nice uses for the new Grade section for my classroom.

Screenshot of Grades Screen from new Classroom Update

#1 - I LOVE the fact that when I click on a specific class and I open up the grades page (pictured above) I now see an overview of every assignment that I have created in classroom.  Along with the assignments you will see the "Status" of the assignment for EACH student - missing, turned in, Done Late etc.  This combined with the fact that you can OPEN each individual assignment will allow me to find my students work a little faster!  I will never complain about that.

#2 - I am the worst when it comes to returning assignments - it is something I have tried to force myself to improve on but in the end I still fall short.  The new Grades screen allows you to RETURN ALL of your students assignments (completed or not) at ONE time - this is a huge time saver.  It also allows you to add a comment that ALL students will see in their Email and in Google Classroom.

Check out the Screen-cast below to see the new feature in action.