Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Google Forms - Locked Down Mode

This past week we had the  beta version of Google Form - "Locked Down" Chromebook mode activated in our district.  I had my students mess around with some locked quizzes and here is what we found.  Check it out.

Long story short - Chromebooks will force a Form to take up the entire screen and not allow students access to other sites or apps while in "Locked Down" mode.

#1 - You do not need to make new Forms - You simply can "Create an Assignment" and ADD a Google Form from your Drive (Or Make a New one if you choose)  and select "Locked Mode on Chromebooks."
Teacher View

#2 - Students will be prompted before starting the Quiz that this is a "Locked Mode" quiz and they will not be able to access anything outside of the Quiz

Student View

#3 - Once in Quiz - the Form will Take up the entire Screen - ScreenShots are Disabled - You cannot Copy something BEFORE you enter the Quiz and PASTE it into the Form.  There is a CLOSE QUIZ option - once the student selects this they are prompted that the teacher will be notified (via. email) that your quiz was closed.

Screenshots Disabled
Close Quiz Notification

Locked Down Mode - Student View

#4  - The General Settings are "Locked Down" as well - if you want to be in locked down mode it forces you to collect email addresses, only those in your domain can take the quiz in locked down mode (from what I can see) and respondents will only be allowed 1 submission.  You can simply turn off locked down mode if one of these settings is an issue.

General Settings in Forms - Turned Off

#5 -  Quiz settings are still open for you to choose how/if they get their scores back from your form.

Quiz Settings in Forms - Still Open
Still playing around with this on my end - if I find out anything else help I will update the post!